Untitled, Dream Log, a) I stabbed my brother multiple times...

Dream Log,

a) I stabbed my brother multiple times with different pens. I always removed the pen from the puncture wound to cause more pain.

b) I was seated at a restaurant. Everyone had exquisitely chopped tomatoes on their plates. They glistened and gleamed and were drenched in their own sauce. They were supposed to be obscure and rare. The three men seated before me criticized the tomatoes. They wore fitted suits. I do not know what I was wearing.

c) My brother, cousin, and I were in a white, vacant house. The carpet was grey and dusty. There was a stairway at the entrance. My cats were there. All three of them. There was a tiger that roamed outside. I saw a neighbor on a wheelchair. There were two girls in the bedroom. I did not like the older girl because she kept flirting with my cousin. I sat on the stairway with my cats. I miss them.

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