I went to the Central Library at 630 West 5th Street and checked out a book of essays on the perspicacity of the student psyche concerned with fundamental values.

I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for a class assignment. I did not like Jesús Rafael Soto’s “Penetrable” courtyard installation. In order to cognize the installation in a fundamental sense I walked through it and the yellow plastic hoses suspended from a steel grid were like an incommodious gadfly. I selected the polychromed and gilded wood sculpture of Archangel Raphael in the Ahmanson Building as the motif for my paper project.

On Monday my friend and I took the train to Civic Center/Grand Park station and had lunch at a Japanese restaurant called Hana Ichimonme. After lunch I had a coffee at a neighboring Korean shop. We walked to the Japanese Village Plaza where I purchased a compact mirror with a subdued flower embroidered at the center and an ostentatious gold frame encircling it.

Dans mon rêve je ressemblais à “L’Algérienne” d’Henri Matisse avec une frange épaisse et beaucoup de gens m’ont demandé si j’étais d’origine portugaise.

In art history class the professor analyzed the marble bust of Trajan on the overhead projector by pointing out flaws that the artist had made in sculpting it. He said the hair looked inorganic and that the nose was too long and the entire class agreed in groupthink. His descriptive criticism on the facial anatomy of the sculpture was very ethnocentric and a classmate questioned it by inquiring about Trajan’s genealogy because Trajan had Spanish ancestry and a long nose is a synapomorphous trait. Then he said it had an overbite and the class stared fixedly at their textbook images of the sculpture because it was an unsound statement and then he said, “Which I think is pretty cute,” so I thought he was trying to hint something to me in an analogous modus operandi manner because there is no way the marble bust of Trajan limns a discernible overbite.

In sociology class we studied gemeinschaft and gesellschaft societies. I tried to explain to a girl the mnemonic method I came up with to differentiate between the two. The subword of geminschaft is ‘gem’, and a ‘gem’ is a ‘gemstone’, ‘gemstones’ are synonymous with intimacy and tradition and that is essentially what a gemeinschaft community practices; close relationships between its members. She did not understand the cognitive correlation so she reasoned that gemeinschaft was an actual gemstone.

I had training at an independent coffee shop in East Hollywood. The owner gave me a list of espresso beverage recipes to copy down on a sheet of paper for me to memorize. The list of recipes were all acronymically written with a repetitive diacritic pattern that consisted of a circumflex above the letter ‘s’. He explained that this is the way it is written in Macedonian. I learned how to grind and tamp espresso into the portafilter and how to froth milk with a steam wand. It was very slow at times so I would sit on the leather sofa and flip through the pages of the Wall Street Journal.